10 Best Winter Lodges in Minnesota for a Cozy Winter Vacation

Are you looking for a beautiful spot to get away from it all this winter? If you're looking for a winter vacation that doesn't involve a tropical destination with white sand beaches, Minnesota is the perfect place to explore. With its great fishing, cozy lodges, and plenty of outdoor activities, Minnesota is the ideal spot for a winter getaway. Here are 10 of the best winter lodges in Minnesota that will keep you comfortable when it gets cold.

Cyrus Resort

- Known throughout the state for its great fishing, Cyrus Resort's fame is as strong in winter as it is in summer. Enjoy a warm and cozy stay on the North Shore of Minnesota by staying at the Bluefin Bay Family of Resorts.

The knowledgeable staff sincerely believes that ice fishing in winter is one of the best fishing options the lake has to offer. Around 130 of these resorts have on-site restaurants, including some of the most elegant dining rooms you'll find in the state, in beautiful, remote lakeside settings.

Golden Eagle Resort

- The Golden Eagle's proximity to Flour Lake offers guests a wealth of fun activities to participate in, including ice fishing. Guests can also enjoy a spectacular place for snowshoeing and cross-country skiing while being inside the Upper National Forest. Whether you're interested in renting a cabin or luxury villa, a stay at Wilderness Resort starts and ends in comfort.

Lutsen Mountains

- For lovers of skiing and snowboarding, there's no better place in winter in Minnesota than the Lutsen Mountains.

With 13 miles of ski slopes equipped to explore, and the southern entrance road even turning into a ski slope, Lutsen Mountains is an ideal spot for winter sports enthusiasts.

Itasca State Park

- Itasca State Park is the oldest state park in Minnesota and encompasses more than 32,000 acres of land with more than 100 lakes. If you know where to look, there are actually plenty of ways to enjoy winter in Minnesota, both indoors and outdoors.

Grand View Lodge

- When you want to go out and see what the winter world has to offer, Grand View has a lot to offer. In winter, there are about 13 miles of ski slopes equipped to explore, and the southern entrance road even turns into a ski slope.

Wilderness Resort

- A winter getaway in Minnesota can be warm and inviting, with fireplaces, saunas, hot tubs, and intimate dining in a stylish lodge. If you take the highway, you will turn right at the Knife River exit, until the stop sign and turn left 1.6 miles north toward the resort. From cozy cabins to luxury villas and ski slopes galore, Minnesota has something for everyone when it comes to winter vacations.

Whether you're looking for an outdoor adventure or just want to relax by a fire with a hot cup of cocoa, these 10 winter lodges are sure to make your stay comfortable and memorable.