Is Minnesota Worth Visiting? A Comprehensive Guide

Known for its 10,000 lakes, twin cities, and sites like the Mall of America and the Minnesota Science Museum, the state of Minnesota certainly offers something for everyone and is well worth taking a couple of days to visit. Known as the “Land of 10,000 Lakes”, Minnesota is one of the most spectacular states for its unspoiled natural landscapes and stunning beauty. If you're looking to explore Minnesota, you'll likely want to experience a variety of urban and rural landscapes across the state. From the historic twin cities of Minneapolis and St.

Paul to the wild nature of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area, there's something for everyone in this beautiful state. Outside of International Falls, and close to the Canadian border, is the Voyageurs National Park. The park is surrounded by water, including Kabetogama Lake and Rainy Lake. Voyageurs National Park has miles of unspoiled and undeveloped coastline, as well as countless small, uninhabited islands.

It's the perfect place to get outside and explore, and even during the busiest parts of summer you can easily escape the crowds. More than 50 miles of hiking trails are a big draw, and hiking can allow you to see some of the local wildlife. The park is known for its population of eastern timber wolves, and you can also spot bald eagles, otters and even the odd moose. The city of Pipestone's main attraction is the Pipestone National Monument. Established in 1937, the monument marks the quarries where local Native Americans lived and worked.

The Pipestone National Monument is located at the top of Buffalo Ridge, which offers a spectacular view over the prairie below. For shopaholics, the city of Bloomington is a mecca. This is because Bloomington is home to the Mall of America. To say that the mall is big is an understatement. The Mall of America is the largest indoor mall in the United States, but it's also much more.

Along with hundreds of stores, the mall has dozens of restaurants. Believe it or not, there's even an aquarium and an indoor theme park inside this huge complex. The town is also a flourishing art center, with many downtown establishments selling local paintings, drawings and sculptures. One of the main reasons for outdoor enthusiasts to visit Grand Marais is because it serves as a gateway to the wild nature of the Boundary Waters canoe area. Minnesota is home to several picturesque state parks, but the biggest and most popular is Itasca State Park. The park offers something for everyone, as it has ancient forests, crystal clear streams and lakes perfect for water sports.

Itasca State Park contains the headwaters of the Mississippi, where the mighty Mississippi begins and then winds its way to the Gulf of Mexico. In addition to hiking, camping, fishing and birdwatching, learn a little more about the incredible Mississippi River with a visit to the Mary Gibbs Mississippi Headwaters Center. The port city of Duluth is an incredible destination on the shores of Lake Superior. It's widely recognized as one of the most picturesque cities in the Midwest, and it's easy to see why. Duluth was originally established about 700 feet above sea level, so much of downtown Duluth has great views of the lake below. In the far north of the state, accessible from destinations such as Ely or Grand Marais, is the Boundary Waters canoeing area.

This enormous wild area is linked by countless glacial streams and lakes, which means that canoeing is often the best option. Without a doubt, it is the most picturesque option. It's possible to rent a canoe for a day and stay in places where you usually paddle, but intrepid visitors will want to get out into nature. Minnesota has a big impact on language when it comes to travel. But is it worth visiting? Appropriately called “The Last City in The East” St Paul adorns a shy yet almost blushed look with a fresh and casual atmosphere that causes thousands of visitors in search for pleasure to flock to its surroundings every year.

Of course it's not just St Paul that makes Minnesota worth visiting; all across this “North Star State” there are many other cities some small yet charming that make up this beautiful state. Paul may be second only to Minneapolis when it comes to volume but it still has dozens upon dozens of interesting attractions that many would find impressively appealing. Therefore for those wondering if St Paul is well worth a visit we wouldn't hesitate to say that answer is a resounding “Yes” but with that said we hasten to add that there is a caveat; St Paul may not be what all travelers in general are looking for. In travel circles tastes are rarely uniform; beauty as they say is in eye of beholder; one man's Havana may be another man's Hawaii; St Paul while absolutely gorgeous may not exude all qualities that make up vacation destination suitable for all tastes or unique styles.

For those travelers looking for slow leisurely yet unhurried environment St Paul will be an exciting travel destination; it has that rustic look that makes it more appealing because it looks so authentic unpretentious yet self-confident; center simply minding its own business. It doesn't have imposing skyscrapers like New York Chicago or even its immediate twin brother west Minneapolis; even other buildings such as Ramsey County Courthouse have deceptively grim exteriors; St Paul has look big city with feel small-town neighborhood. Nowhere else this picturesque aspect more evident than when you stroll along 4.5-mile-long Summit Avenue country's best-kept image Victorian elegance; however it's not just Victorian aspect that makes St Paul worth visiting; city good number attractions such as Wells Fargo Place building 37-story tallest building city covered granite glass does not seem like fame height gives it. In conclusion Minnesota offers something for everyone from urban landscapes like Minneapolis & St Paul to rural landscapes like Voyageurs National Park & Boundary Waters Canoe Area; from shopping malls like Mall America & art centers like Bloomington to natural wonders like Itasca State Park & Mary Gibbs Mississippi Headwaters Center; from picturesque cities like Duluth & Grand Marais to rustic neighborhoods like Summit Avenue & Ramsey County Courthouse; without doubt Minnesota worth visiting!.